What is Master Tracker?

Master Tracker is a web based tracking tool to control your day-to-day food or beverage cost of sales. If you have multiple properties you’ll be able to view each property individually or view the group’s overall cost of sales daily, month and year to date.

If you have more questions please email - info@mastertracker.nz

Why use master tracker?

Master Tracker will help you with your cost of sales and give you a daily percentage and dollar figure of how your costs of sales are running. The normal range for your cost of sales should be between 25% and 35% depending on your business.  

Most businesses use this simple formula of 1/3 cost of food or beverage, 1/3 overheads (wages, rent etc...) and 1/3 profit.  Meaning the higher your food, beverage and overheads costs are the less profit you’ll make and that’s why it is important you know what your costs are on a daily basis. 

By knowing what you're cost of sales are early on in the month allows you to be proactive and do something about the outcome before it happens.

Master tracker can also help you when you receive your end of month statements as the website allows you to print or lookup by vendor, invoice number, date and amount spent making tracking your invoices much easier.

How can Master Tracker help improve my total business income and profit?

By knowing what you’re cost of sales are on a daily basis your business will become more profitable as you’ll have a better understanding of where you’re spending your money.

What are at cost items, staff meal and miscellaneous?

At cost items, are items that are given away for free or at cost such as staff meals, free or VIP gifts and food and beverage that have been written off because of a complaint or something similar.  It’s a good idea to track all these items because often the companies receive no revenue for this and it’s also good to have a record for future reference. All these items are also calculated differently by Master Tracker to give you a true percentage of your overall costs for your business or company.

Where do I get my tax invoice from after I’ve purchased my membership?

After payment has been received an invoice will be sent to the email address provided at registration.

How can I get started?

Master Tracker recommends that you try the 30 day free trial and then make your decision to purchase based on your own experience. 

How does it work?

Master Tracker works by calculating the figures that you enter.

All entering should be done on a daily basis to view how your establishment is tracking. Entering is done in the DAILY LOG ENTRY simply enter the supplier name, invoice number, total dollar amount or dollar credit amount and your company order number if you use this method. Revenue should also be entered on this page and should be done as soon as you know the revenue for that day.   

When using Master Tracker it’s important to keep your stock levels to a PAR to get the most accurate percentage, especially when using the system for beverage.

Basically you should only be buying what you need and keeping levels approximately the same.

Who can use it?

Anybody who works in the hospitality sector including – Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaway shops, Supermarkets, Bars, Clubs, Butcheries or anyone who prepares food and beverages in or on their premises.

What is the dashboard?

This is the first screen you get after you’ve logged in to master tracker which gives you an overview of your property or properties and how you’re tracking daily, month and year to date.  

Can Master Tracker track more than one property?

Yes… Master Tracker can track as many properties as you like after the user has setup and paid for the property to start using Master Tracker.

Is my information secure?

All information entered can only be viewed by the person that is logged into that account, and all accounts are password protected by the user.
However if your account is setup as an administrator you’ll be able to view all you're properties in that account. You’ll also be able to click into each account that you setup and paid for at the time. 

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions.

Why do I need to enter all my invoicing information?

As Master Tracker helps you when you receive your end of month statements this allows you to print by vendor, invoice number, order number, credits, date and amount spent making tracking your invoices much easier.

Do I need to enter tax or GST?

We recommend that you don’t enter Tax or GST (Goods and services tax) as this is not calculated by many businesses and is straight revenue collecting for the government. This may also not apply to all countries.

However if you do want to enter this it would be your choice but you must be consistent across the board.

If my account expires will I lose all the information I’ve entered?

No… the information will be kept indefinitely until you reactivate the account with the same username and password.

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions.

How do I ​use the ​​​​​​R​osters​ Menu​?

  • Click on Rosters, select "add staff" membe​r, new staff member​, f​ill in details including ​e​mail address​, ​hourly pay rate or annual salar​y​​,​ add the for salaried employees
  • Open ​weekly roster​s, ​select the​ starting​ date​,​ ​setup each employee's times ​using the ​24 hour ​clock​, save forecast.​
  • Add a public holiday by selecting at the top of the roster after you finish creating ​the roster
  • Select "Department ​R​evenue" and enter your forecasted revenue for the week​.
  • Go back into your weekly roster, the top of the pages now shows an indication of your forecasted wage percentage for the week
  • Once you're satisfied with the forecasted result you can email the rosters to the employees on the weekly roster page​
  • At the end of the week or throughout the week update the actual hours in the Roster and the actual Revenue to view the end result​
  • Contact MasterTracker if you wish to purchase exporting your figures and importing them into a Payroll program